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Our story




Hey, good to see you here! We hope you'll enjoy yourself and find exactly what you need to organize the perfect bridal shower.

We are two sisters, Shelly (49) and Lilah (35), and we've been working together for 15 years. For 13 years we ran a successful advertising agency in Israel, until we decided we had enough of the "rat race". So we decided to change course.

For a long time we looked for something new to fall in love with. Because what drove us was the love of creating, the love of making things happen. We knew we had to work, but we wanted to love it.

So how did Briday begin?

Lilah is at the age most young couples get married in Israel. Her close group of friends includes Naomi, Etti and Liron. These are girls she grew up with. Naomi married young, and her bridal shower was organized by her sister. Two years ago, at the age of 33, Etti received an exciting marriage proposal. She gave the task of arranging her shower to Lilach, since she is her best friend but also because Lilach came from advertising and Etti was sure she would know how to organize the finest event. Lilah jumped right in and devoted herself completely to the task, looking for a venue, seeking fresh ideas, accessories, invites, drinks, music, content and all the rest.

She found out real quick that the task wasn't as easy as she thought. But since Lilah had already organized a production or two, most of the boxes were ticked off quite fast. Until she got to "content".

How do you get through an evening with 15 girls who all come from different backgrounds? The content, games and dynamics are all important if you want a successful party. But damn, except a few silly games like Bingo and Scrabble she couldn't find anything on the shelves. So she spent hours on the internet looking for ideas, she called friends who had arranged parties and asked for advice, she began making her own games, cutting, gluing, inventing, driving to record the groom on her cellphone… god, how much work…

In the end you can imaging the party was a smash hit. The girls rented a villa with a pool, decorated the place with "dongs", the liquor was plenty and they all had a great time. Etti was happy, she received lots of gifts, task completed.

Two months later, Liron calls Lilah, all excited. Her boyfriend Roy proposed to her. Would she arrange her shower?... as much as Lilah was happy for Liron, she was – how to put this lightly – horrified at the thought of reinventing herself and pulling off another hit party. How on earth can she arrange a party no less successful for her good friend, yet totally different from the one she just organized?! You can't just rehash ideas!

This is where Shelly entered the picture. Shelly was the creative manager of their agency when they worked together, so the two joined forces to produce Liron's party.

And that is how Briday was born. Lilah and Shelly fell in love with the production process, and through inventing original games and content for Liron's party they both produced a line of fun products that honor the bride to be at this special stage in her life.

We really love what we do, challenging ourselves to come up with the next best idea. And we hope you'll also love what you see on our site.

This is our guarantee to you: we promise to continue inventing new, original and fun ideas, so that each time you need to arrange a bridal shower, you can come back here and never repeat yourself even once!