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Bridal shower blessing ceremony


Story & Instruction:

Henna is a ceremony practiced in the Middle East, North Africa, the Horn of Africa and India before the wedding.

The ceremony promises the couple numerous blessings: Good Luck Fertility Success Wealth

It is customary that the women preparing the henna and conducting the ceremony must be fertile, in hope that this blessing should be passed on to the young couple.

1. Put the henna powder in a metal bowl and slowly mix it with water or tea. Stir until the powder becomes a mud-like paste.

2. Wrap the bride's hands with decorated ribbons

3. The mother of the bride and her friends anoint the hands of the bride with the henna mixture, in a round shape.

Applying henna symbolizes hope for pregnancy and childbirth. It is customary to apply the henna paste on all guests participating in the ceremony.

Putting henna on the hands of a single woman symbolizes hopes for marriage, and on the hands of a married woman symbolizes solidarity with the bride.


Henna powder
1 meter of red satin ribbon