Think of the bridal shower as a play – there are major plots and characters, dramatic highlights, twists, transitions and a happy ending – but the venue is the stage!

That's why event planner Ilan Asher recommends you choose a place which has numerous areas. It could be someone's house where there's an area for a bar, another area for the meal, a sitting area for opening the presents and another spot for games and dessert.



It could also be held at a hall for a reasonable price and according to the chosen concept. It could be at a large yard, at the beach, at a villa with a pool – the main issue is to transform the venue into a number of different areas all tied together to the main theme.




Here are some more essential tips for a successful shower:

When holding an outdoor party, make sure you have a spot to use as a makeshift kitchen. If the party is on the beach, notify the guests to dress accordingly. If it's during the day, have the area covered and shady – there's nothing worse than hot and sweaty girls – unless of course it's that kind of party…

Make sure you have electricity outlets and that they are working. If there are neighbors nearby, leave them a notice that you're having a party, or pick a venue without any neighbors around so you can make as much noise as you want without any worries.




Whatever you do, don't be afraid to think big – even if you've got a limited budget, you can always ask family and friends for help.


Bottom line: smart planning and partitioning of the venue into different areas will create a nice visual impression and ensure a great bridal shower.