The first thing we see when we walk into a room, or look at someone on the street or stare at a billboard is color. A woman's red dress immediately catches your attention and sends a message "sexy". Gold is automatically categorized as "rich". Colors have the ability to increase our instant associations, affect our mood and even determine the "pulse" of an event (red pumps it up, green makes it calm, and pink - believe it or not - might annoy).

As you see, choosing the colors for an event you're organizing is important in determining its nature. So, let's start by defining the nature and style of the party. Do we want a dynamic party? Romantic? Classical? Mystical? Relaxed?




In this article we'll discuss the highlight color - the dominant color that runs through the entire venue, which will be used to get the guests into the required mood. For each highlight color you will also find a proposal for colors that can be combined as background colors or as a third color.

Ensure that the chosen colors are available across all accessories and products you want to use, and you are on the right route to a perfect party.


Colors and feelings they create:


Pink - Love and Romance

Pink represents the energy of love, heart opening, giving, sensitivity, romantic and happiness (depending on the shade). Pink, like Green, is the color of the heart chakra, suitable for creating a romantic atmosphere when you want to tap into the energies of love. Just don't overdo it, because an excess of pink might annoy people ...

Interconnecting colors: white, brown, banana, green.



 Red - energize your guests and motivate action

Red is the basic energy center. Red can inspire and motivate people to action, but also encourage them to leave quickly in case of too much red. Combine red touches in different accessories and in areas that require action, but never use it as a dominant background color. That can affect people in many negative ways, for example raise blood pressure.

Interconnecting colors: white, light-blue



 Blue – for high interaction between people.

Although blue reflects coolness, but it is a dominant and powerful color. Blue is responsible for voice, communication, telepathy and inspiration. It makes people honest and real with themselves and their surroundings. Blue is the most calming of all colors and is therefore not recommended to use it in places where high energy is required, like the dance floor or the gift-opening area. On the other hand, incorporate blue in the area where personal interaction is required, such as around the dining table, the reception of in the area for ceremonies and games.

Interconnecting colors: brown, white, pink



 Yellow: cheerfulness and lightheartedness

Yellow is known as a color that encourages logic, wisdom and knowledge. Yellow is associated with the sun. It affects willpower, has control over our life and decision-making skills. It stimulates judgment, analysis and clarity of thought. I would not recommend using it at a party, but only one case - if you decide to have a lecture - yellow will bring the girls to maximum attention. It affects judgment and clarity of mind, so those of us who debate a lot and have trouble concentrating - yellow will do them well! If the party includes decision-making, the yellow color will help even the most hesitant girls and turn the event into a light and happy occasion!

Interconnecting colors: green, light-blue, white and orange


Orange - the color of friendship, feelings and joy.

Orange is the color of pleasure, renewal, emotion and communication. It is excellent for encouraging social interaction and contact between people. Wherever you combine orange you will find a growth of frenzied energy, excitement and surprise. It represents the sexual chakra which reflects creativity and passion of every kind and affects features such as courage and enthusiasm. You may want to add more orange when the party's energy starts to die-down...

Interconnecting colors: brown, white, green


Green - a sense of solidarity and development.

Wherever there is green, there is expansion. Green represents the wood element and it brings growth and development, and promotes health. It symbolizes balance and peace, prosperity and healing. When using green as the highlight color, it will be easy to create empathy and emotional connection to the event. It's therefore very suitable for use in events where there is a pre-defined line-up, as well as at exciting periods during the event which need strengthening.

Interconnecting colors: white, light brown, banana



 Light Brown - a sense of stability

Brown represents the earth element and encourages steadiness and security, nourishment and support. Brown is linked to mother earth and motherhood. We recommend using brown when you want to increase the sense of security and convey stability, so if you throw a party for a shy, introverted bride, or if your guests do not really know each other, this is the right color to use.

Interconnecting colors: blue, red, white, beige


Dark Brown / Burgundy - seriousness and drama

The dark colors always interconnect with black. They encompass areas and make everything feel a little choked. Yet they also convey seriousness and drama, creating a clear distinction between day and night. Dark spaces give the feeling of dark secrets. Use these colors only if you wish to have a dusky and mysterious event.

Interconnecting colors: white, gray, blue


Purple - strengthening the spiritual side

Purple is the color of the third eye chakra, encouraging the spirit of connection to spirituality and intuition. It has an affect on imagination and internal association. Use it for a mystical party, or in areas where you play games that require connection with intuition or strengthening the spiritual side of the guests.

Interconnecting colors: orange, white, pink, gray


White – pure yet bare

White represents purity on one hand, yet also a sense of a void on the other, and therefore might cause a feeling of emptiness and confusion. White should only be used as a background color, combined with one of the appropriate highlight colors.



 Black – Classic and empowering

Black is the color of strength, authority and mystery. In the West, black has a connotation of mourning and black magic, but in the East it represents supremacy and control, especially of the spirit over material (such as a black belt in karate, for example). It is always recommended to combine black with another color, and not as a highlight color color. And is absolutely beautiful for creating interest in one central focal point.

Interconnecting colors: white, light-blue, silver, gold